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Upright vacuum cleaners are affordable and easy to use. Our range of vacuum cleaners is more compact and easier to store. Along with features like height adjustment, an on/off brush roll, and various tool options, upright vacuum cleaners are highly useful for cleaning hard surfaces. Virginia Vacuums offers a variety of excellent brands including Dyson, Hoover, and Miele.

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Miele S194 QuickStep

Miele S194 QuickStepThe Miele S194 QuickStep is the newest addition to the Miele S1 line of stick vacuums. This machine is a convenient, upright style vacuum that is compact and lightweight at just 9 pounds. The S194 is perfect for small apartments, city lofts, dorm rooms, home or small offices, or as a second vacuum.

The S194 QuickStep easily cleans area rugs, hardwoods, tile, and other bare floors. The QuickStep is also great for cleaning upholstery and getting into crevices, especially around appliances. While the S194 doesn’t take up much space, it is highly effective at cleaning multiple surface styles. Featuring a 1000-watt Miele motor, the QuickStep offers powerful airflow and suction. Because of its lightweight and modular design its easily maneuverable, whether vacuuming in an upright position, under furniture, or cleaning ceiling crevices. For homes needing a second, compact vacuum, the S194 is an excellent choice for the kitchen pantry or your upstairs closet storage.

The Miele S194 QuickStep is also a dust and allergen fighter because it utilizes Miele’s effective AirClean System, which literally cleans the air you breathe, as you vacuum. The handy stick vacuum is equipped with an AirClean Filter and uses Miele’s IntensiveClean Plus K dust bags to trap all allergens in the home. A great feature included with the S194 is a bag change indicator light to alert the user when the bag needs to be replaced. This vacuum is made of durable ABS plastic on the body and a stainless steel telescopic wand make the machine durable for years of use. An ergonomic handle with an anti-slip stopper make cleaning quick and easy for anyone.

The S194 QuickStep also includes Miele’s latest FiberTeQ combination floor tool, which can be adjusted depending on the floor’s surface. The S194 features soft bristles that are gentle on hardwoods while strong air suction lifts dirt, debris, hair and allergens from floors surfaces. The S194 also offers a 28-feet cleaning radius and an automatic, quick power cord release. The new Miele S194 comes in a beautiful mango red color and you can easily upgrade your S194 to include the SF-H 10 HEPA filter.

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Miele S7 AutoEco

Miele S7 AutoEcoThe Miele S7 AutoEco is an extraordinary cleaning machine and is the newest member of the distinguished Miele S7 upright vacuum line. The S7 AutoEco joins the successful Miele S7 upright line of vacuums as the eco-friendy, energy-saving upright that carries the same innovative features found in the rest of this impressive vacuum line. As the hummingbird emblem embossed on the front of the obsidian black vacuum alludes to, this machine is smart and efficient like nature’s fastest, most maneuverable avian. Just as the hummingbird lowers its heart rate dramatically while at rest, the S7 AutoEco upright vacuum smartly adjusts its power consumption for individual cleaning needs when the automatic power setting is chosen.

The uncanny ability of the hummingbird to fly multi-directionally is also replicated in the Miele S7 AutoEco with its patented SwivelNeck mechanics. This SwivelNeck technology combined with the 360 degree castor wheels on the front of this upright are an exclusive maneuverability feature not found on other upright vacuums. This vacuum can get into tight spaces or under furniture easily and can twist and turn on a dime thanks to the swivel technology at the base. The low profile, independently powered, 4800 rpm electrobrush passes easily under low-clearance furniture while the floor head automatically adjusts to differing floor heights while vacuuming.

The powerful 1200-watt vortex Miele motor is perfect for all your cleaning needs and is completely variable depending on the vacuuming task at hand. The variable six power settings can be controlled manually or automatically by the vacuum with the automatic power settings, providing accurate suction control at all times. A 12-foot integrated pliable hose with lightweight telescopic aluminum wand works with the 39-foot power cord, offering a 54-foot, long-range cleaning radius.

The LED headlight will assist in finding any dusty situations, a feature not found on all S7 uprights. As part of the Premium S7 vacuum line, the AutoEco offers an exclusive 12-stage air cleaning system with an active HEPA filter in addition to the standard AirClean filter. With an integrated dusting brush, crevice nozzle, and upholstery tool, all of which store on-board, this vacuum is sure to please and accommodate all your vacuum cleaning needs. While using the included accessories the Miele S7 AutoEco upright utilizes its anti-tipping device for enhanced stability to avoid tipping over.

The Miele S7 AutoEco features:

  • 1,200-watt Miele Vortex motor
  • 2 motor system with separate control for electrobrush
  • Suction control via +/- controls with 6 power settings
  • Automatic motor setting
  • Patented SwivelNeck™ technology
  • Automatic carpet height adjustment
  • LED headlight
  • Exclusive 12-stage Air Clean Sealed System
  • Type U AirClean Filter Bags with spring-loaded, self-sealing collar
  • Active HEPA Filter
  • 12-foot integrated flexible hose
  • Lightweight, telescopic aluminum wand
  • Integrated dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice nozzle
  • 54-foot overall cleaning radius

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Miele S7 Cat & Dog

Answering the needs of pet owners, Miele has developed a vacuum that not only addresses the pet hair and dander issues but also tackles the odor associated with cats and dogs.

The Miele S7260 features the Miele designed AirClean filtration system. The Active Air clean filter with active charcoal easily absorbs tough pet odors while efficiently removing pet hair, dander, and other fine particles, helping to maintain the quality of your indoor air. The 9-layer, electrostatically charged filter bags traps the tiniest articles of debris and the spring-loaded, self-sealing collar makes changing the dust bag virtually dust free.

In addition to the S7 brush roller, the Miele S7260 Cat & Dog upright vacuum comes with the STB 101 Mini-Turbobrush. The STB 101 safely and effectively helps you clean stairs, upholstery, and car interiors. Conveniently stored on-board, the dusting brush, upholstery tool, and crevice tool will tackle every nook and cranny of your home.

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Miele S7 Swing

Miele S7 SwingThe Miele Swing upright vacuum cleaner is the best of the best! The Swing not only belongs to the Elite Class of the S7 series of Miele upright vacuum cleaners, but is exclusively available from dealers that have attained the Diamond Dealer status from Miele. recognizing those dealers that are committed to quality customer service and understand Miele’s philosophy of support and loyalty.

The Swing does not disappoint! Miele has taken what they do best in their canister vacuum models and engineered a state-of-the-art upright vacuum model. As with any vacuum, you start with power. The Swing features the Miele-made 1200-watt Vortex motor system. Guaranteed optimal air flow, quiet operation, and a 20-year design protocol will ensure optimum satisfaction for the lifetime of your vacuum.

Offering supreme versatility, the suction power is controlled with +/- foot buttons that manage the suction from 200 to 1200 watts. The Swing also includes an automatic power sensor that takes the guess work out of cleaning. This vacuum senses the flooring surface at the moment and adjusts the power to suit your needs at that time. Designed with a two-motor system, the powerbrush is powered separately from the motor so that it can be turned on and off again depending on flooring surface. The roller brush motor is rated at 4800 rpm, effectively lifting and collecting dirt and dust particles from your floors.

Another Miele design feature is the dustless bag system and sealed canister construction. The work you put into capturing dirt, dust, and dander should not be undone when changing the vacuum dust bag. The Swing incorporates a 9-ply dust bag with a spring-loaded, self-sealing collar to keep debris and dust where it belongs. The active HEPA filtration system also minimizes dust, dander, and other allergens in the air. This filter traps 99.99% of all particles as tiny as 0.3 of a micron.

Adding to the vacuum’s cleaning versatility are the on-board accessories and stainless steel, telescopic wand. The dusting brush, crevice tool, upholstery brush, and wand allow for easy access to all areas of your home. The Swing also features ultimate maneuverability! Miele’s patented Swivel-Neck technology allows you to effortlessly steer in all directions and lay the vacuum flat to reach under beds and other low furnishings. Using a foot switch, the casing is disengaged from the floor head and the rear wheels completely disappear into the body allowing maximum maneuverability.

Your Miele purchase is protected with a 7-year suction motor warranty and a 1-year warranty on parts and labor.

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Miele S7 Twist

Miele S7 TwistThe Miele S7 Twist upright vacuum is the newest member of the Miele S7 family. Beautifully appointed in a cerulean blue finish, the Twist comes with a budget friendly price point without sacrificing the quality that Miele consumers expect. The Twist features the patented Swivel Neck for superior maneuverability, a powerful 1200-watt, Miele-made Vortex motor, and the Super Air Clean Filter. The low-profile electrobrush allows for access under low clearance furniture and the lightweight, telescopic wand, crevice tool, and upholstery brush add convenience to any cleaning routine. An anti-tipping device has been added for safety while using the on-board accessories.

Ergonomic design features and swivel base allow the vacuum to be operated with minimal stress and effort. The auto adjusting head and independent brush motor provide effective deep cleaning performance on the widest range of floor types. A separate power switch for the brush roll allows users to turn off the brush on delicate floors or hard floor surfaces. The extra long cord offers a full 54-foot cleaning reach, allowing the Twist to reach even the farthest recesses of your home, without outlet changes.

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Miele S7 Jazz

Miele S7 JazzThe Miele S7 Jazz upright vacuum is the big brother of the S7 Twist. The only difference between these siblings is color, HEPA filtration, and an LED headlight. (The Jazz has all of the options, the lower priced Twist does not.) The Miele Jazz is delivered in a bright canary yellow. Otherwise, the two models share the same motor and cleaning ability.

Anyone looking for allergy relief should consider the benefits of the Miele S7 Jazz; true sealed canister design, sealed motor housing, and a seal cord retractor. Virtually all areas of the S7 Jazz have been sealed-off to the outside world, forcing air to travel through a final phase of HEPA filtration. This level of final filtration removes the finest particles including dust mites, dander, allergens, pollen, etc.

As with all S7 Models, the Jazz shares a unique swivel head design to get around obstacles and corners with ease. An auto adjusting head and dedicated brush motor were developed for optimal cleaning ability across all floor types. An LED headlight will help guide the way in closets and dark corners. The ergonomic handle will reduce strain and assist in guiding the vacuum with minimal effort. A separate brush roll switch will allow the user to turn off the brush bar motor for use a hard floor surfaces. With a cleaning radius of 54-feet, the Miele S7 Jazz is equipped to clean and conquer all of your floor cleaning needs.

For more information about our selection of new and refurbished upright vacuum cleaners, contact us or call us at 703-931-6100.

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